Different Types of Clothing

Though ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is a famous phrase, in practical world not many people have the maturity to follow it. Thus how a man or women dresses to a place is what makes an impression about the person in the mind of the gathering. One cannot go in a bikini to a party or in a fully clothed suit to the beach. Though people do not go to that extremes, there are certain written and unwritten rules on what to wear and where to wear them. Below is an overview of the different types of custom t shirts clothing that exist.

  1. Formal Wear:

The type of formal wear is more from a European culture, what to wear in formal meetings are mostly determined by the corporate culture of the company you represent or visit. One should not look odd during such meetings as making a first impression might be important and it may be crucial for winning a business deal.

  1. Business/ Board Meetings:

A mental picture of a board room always has many guys and maybe a few women sitting across a round table. Most of them would wear a coat and tie and women wearing business formals.  In order to look and be taken seriously people come well-groomed and wearing perfect formal clothes.

  1. Weekday Office wear:

This is mostly determined by the country one lives and the corporate culture that is in effect. Many companies have a formal dress code, however modern day companies do not stress on what one wears to work and some even portray that casual wear as latest trend. Though most people in sales and trying to win business still wear formal shirts and [pants with a tie. This is in order to look professional and make a good first impression. There are also some professions where one has to wear a uniform. This is to distinguish these folks from the rest of the crowd. For example law enforcement officers have to wear a uniform so that a normal citizen can easily identify them in case of a situation where he/she needs help.

  1. Informal Wear:

As the name suggests there is nothing formal in this type of dresses and one can wear anything they wish. However there are social norms attached to what one can wear. It is better to go with the crowd and wear what the majority of the crowd would wear unless you want all the attention on you. Wanted attention is good but there may also be unwanted attention. Wear something that is comfortable and would also make a statement to the crowd.


  1. Casual dresses:

This represents the type of clothes one wears to a mall or a movie. Usually Jeans have become the common dress of youngsters, teenagers and even mid aged people. Wearing clothes as per the weather and indoor temperature is recommended.

  1. Beach/ swim wear:

Bikini is what comes to one’s mind when we say beach. The same applies to swimming pool as well. If one wants to get a tan it is better to wear a bikini. However while travelling to certain countries be clear on local laws and customs and follow usual norms there.

  1. Party Wear:

Some parties have a theme and one has to dress based on that theme. If one is going to a club then the club may have some restrictions on what you can and cannot wear, you may even be denied entry if you are not properly dressed. If it is just a party at home, one can wear comfortable clothing.

  1. Traditional Wear:

Based on customs and traditions of local country or state or even community the type of dresses vary widely. Every community has a history associated with them and it is through these special clothing that tradition is kept alive even to this day after so many centuries.

  1. Wedding gowns:

Weddings are special events and they call for special kind of dress. For men it is quite the usual formal wear but for women the wedding gown in itself is special. The bridesmaid also wears special dresses. It also varies from culture to culture.

Thus based on the occasion and the place we go the type of dress we wear changes and one who dresses for the occasion leaves a good impression on the audience.