Company Identity

We are a clothing store that has all latest designs in the market. We have been in this clothing business for more than a decade and have some wonderful repeat customers. Our speciality has been the ability to get latest designs and also design dressed based on customer needs.
What makes us unique?
There are just too many clothing stores across every corner and malls are filled with clothing stores that cater to every Tom, Dick and Harry. When we wanted to open this store we did not want to be just a run of the mill store.  This was clear in the minds of our founders as well as investors. We wanted a unique place for ourselves in the industry.
The thirst to be unique and at the same time cater to common people was our drive. With this focus we created this store that has both latest designer clothes and we also have a team of designers who can create anything you want.
With our past experience in the clothing industry at various capacities we carefully choose our designers. In fact we were also part of the first design team until our team got a foothold and our store became well known.
Even today we personally conduct training sessions to our team of designers and keep them up to date with the latest fashion trends. We also sometimes invite reputed designers to give guest lecturers to our staff. Soft skill training is imparted to all our staff members in both design and sales team to ensure our customers have an exciting experience.
When you visit our store you have two options, one you can choose whatever is available on display which is a collection of latest trends. The second option for you is to go for designing your own dress. Our design team would first understand your needs and sketch your design and once your approval is obtained the dress would be ready and delivered to your home.

Do not wait come visit our store and have fun.